Fairbanks Ice Museum

It can get pretty warm in Fairbanks during the summer when the sun is shining almost 24 hours per day, but one place where you can cool off is the Fairbanks Ice Museum.

Located at the corner of Second Avenue and Lacey Street in the historic Lacey Street Theater, the Ice Museum is operated by Hoa and Dick Brickley, who also produce Christmas in Lights in December and January and the Ice Art Park in February and March here in Fairbanks at the George Horner Ice Park.

“Our goal is to show people what it’s like in the winter while they are enjoying their summer in Fairbanks,” said Dick Brickley.

The Ice Museum offers hourly shows from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days per week from early May through mid­-September.

Each show features a film on winter in Fairbanks and ice carving, the opportunity to view ice sculptures and see an ice carver at work.

For the adventurous, there’s the chance to go down an ice slide while viewing the ice sculptures in the cold room. There are photo opportunities with the ice sculptures as well. Coats that will keep you warm are provided as the room is kept at about 20 degrees.

At 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. each day, the late LeRoy Zimmerman’s photo symphony “The Aurora Experience!” is shown in the theater. Zimmerman’s show on the aurora borealis is billed as a “widescreen, panoramic, visual masterpiece.” Zimmerman was a photographer for more than 40 years and traveled the globe capturing images of the northern lights.

Brickley said work is in progress on a museum on the second floor of the building that features ice sculpture photographic displays from every country in the world, and he hopes that portion of the venue will be complete this summer.