Welcome to Fairbanks and Interior Alaska, a fascinating land rich in gold mining history, outdoor wonders and friendly people. In 2020, the coronavirus has fundamentally changed many things, including the cancellation of many cherished summer events, but there’s still plenty to see and do, and it’s a perfect time for Alaskans to explore our own back yard.

You can hike and fish in the nearby and magnificent Chena River State Recreation Area, a 397-square mile park just outside of Fairbanks. Closer to town, you can relax at the Chena Lake Recreation Area and the Tanana Lakes Recreation Area, both run by the local government.

This town was built on gold, and you can see the remains of the gold rush era and relive its glory today — and even do a little panning yourself.

And what about that 24 hours of daylight we’re known for?

And don’t forget to take in the Chena River itself, the main waterway running through the center of town and feeding into the Tanana River, which itself feeds the mighty Yukon River. Take a leisurely cruise down the river by canoe or stand up paddleboard and float along with friends, or just take a pleasant walk along the riverside path.

There’s something for everyone here. We’re sure you’ll find lots of ideas and useful information on the pages of this Guide to Fairbanks and Interior Alaska to make your stay enjoyable and fulfilling.

Please check online before visiting a local museum or attraction, as the hours may change.