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Showboat Club fire

Showboat Club fire

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Fire crews battle a fire at the former Showboat Club on Thursday.

Showboat fire

Showboat fire

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Fire crews battle a fire at the Showboat Club on Thursday.

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FAIRBANKS—Residents throughout Fairbanks reported power outages from downtown Fairbanks south to Van Horn and north to College Road early Frid…

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Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Arctic Cam comments - winter 2014

Some of you have noticed the column in Sunday's opinion section alerting readers to an upcoming change in how people sign in to comment on newsminer.com stories and the Arctic Cam. You will have to log in via Facebook, beginning Saturday. It's a change we are making after many months of disc…

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Republicans and oil

We are not restricting content on the News-Miner. We have been trying to automate the system of posting stories from the print edition to the online edition, but it is missing stories and throwing some formatting errors. I have been trying to go back through the papers to see what has been m…

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Arctic Cam comments - August 2013

You are right -- a new file is way overdue.

Happy 2014 everyone. If you're looking for the continuation to this conversation, look under the story slugged Arctic Cam comments - winter 2014.

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Arctic Cam comments - August 2013

We had a power outage on Friday that knocked the camera offline. Brian, our IT guy, re-set it Monday

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Arctic Cam comments - June 2013

Hello Arctic Cammers -- a reader just told me she is having trouble posting comments on this string, which has gotten pretty long. I am posting another story -- called Arctic Cam comments August 2013 -- to start another comment string.

The Associated Press typically posts short versions of breaking stories and will write through with an expanded version as more information becomes available. We are expecting an expanded version of this story later this afternoon.

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on It's almost spring in Fairbanks

Hello Cammers -- Just a head's up. It has been pointed out that the headline I so optimistically wrote in March is about to sink under the May snowpack. I have posted a new story called "Arctic Cam comments - May 2013 " on which you can post comments. I don't know if dating the st…

Generally, if there's a new development on an issue and the story is a day or so old, we post the new story instead of digging through the archives. That way, the updated story on an issue shows up on the home page and there's a history of the development of that issue in the archives.

This is an updated story and was posted this afternoon. Yours is the only comment. The comment string is on a previous day's story.

Julie StrickerFDNM commented on Welcome back, Arctic Cammers

The previous comment strings are listed under this story.