The University of Alaska Fairbanks is Dunleavy’s chief target. He cites misleading and false statistics, which has become standard practice under Dunleavy. If carried out, the Dunleavy master plan would mean that tens of millions of federal research dollars would leave Alaska along with faculty members and researchers who will be eagerly recruited by universities Outside.

“When we ask the governor, he says, ‘I’ll get back to you.’ When we ask the commissioners for answers about specific reductions, we learned that the commissioners were instructed not to appear before Senate Finance, to just run their departments and let OMB handle the financial aspects of this state,” von Imhof said.

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Under federal law the grants must be disclosed to the public for the foundation to retain tax-exempt status. The information is public, not private.
This is about the timing of the release of that information and the need for transparent operations by an important local entity. This is i…