Two Rivers 200

Will Rhodes, winner of the Two Rivers 200, arriving at the finish line at Pleasant Valley Store on Saturday. Julie Stricker/News-Miner

The Two Rivers 200/100 kicks off at noon today at the Chatanika Lodge. 

The trail for both races, organized by the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association, begins in Chatanika, with the 100-mile race beginning after the last 200-miler leaves the start line. The final lineup was being finalized as of press time Thursday.

Mushers will travel approximately 60 miles to the first checkpoint at the Pleasant Valley Community Center off Cory Ranch Road, about Mile 23 Chena Hot Springs Road. The teams in the 100-mile race have a four-hour mandatory rest. Mushers will then run a 40-mile loop on Two Rivers trails, with the finish line for the 100-mile race at the community center. That also will be the second checkpoint for the longer race. Mushers in the 200-mile race have 10 hours of mandatory rest at checkpoints. 

The 200-mile mushers will then head east to approximately 52 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road before heading into the hills to the Dozer Line via the Colorado Creek Trail and then finish at the community center. The Two Rivers 200 is a qualifier for the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest and Iditarod races.

Because of COVID-19, there is no public access to the community center or the cabin at 52 Mile. Mushers will be able to sleep in their trucks and food will be available at all checkpoints. Masks must be worn inside and social distancing is encouraged at all times. 

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200 Mile start order

Jjay Levy (withdrew prior to race start)

Ben Turman

Deke Naaktgeboren

Jeff King

Kelly Ridley

Joe Taylor

Richie Beattie

Gabe Dunham

Dereck Starr

Ron Stiffler

Kai Leddy

Grayson Bruton

Dave Turner

Bridgett Watkins

Leigh Pagel

100 Mile start order

Jessica O’Connor

Shane Blumentritt

Jennifer LaBar

Dinah Patten

Emma Lewis

Lindsay Llanes

Ben Good

Mary Knight

Clifton Cadzow

Hugh Neff

Marla Brodsky