The  Summit Quest 300 race announced its awards on March 1. Dan Kaduce of Chatanika won the race, which began in Two Rivers, wound over Rosebud and Eagle summits, before heading out the notoriously cold and winding Birch Creek to Circle and looping back to the finish line in Central on Feb. 15.

The mushers selected Lauro Eklund for the Sportsmanship Award, saying “Lauro’s positive, upbeat attitude was recognized and very much appreciated on the trail this year by his fellow competitors.”

Hugh Neff won the rookie of the year. Although Neff has won the 1,000 mile Quest twice, it was the first time he had entered the 300-mile version. 

The Veterinarians Choice award went to Deke Naaktgeboren for his exemplary dog care. Deke finished in second place with 10 dogs.