Last year, the events at Mitchell Raceway were one of the few sporting events that Covid-19 didn’t take away from Fairbanks. Friday night, the race was back on.

The season opening race of the summer season at Mitchell Raceway was officially off Friday night in front of a big crowd. 

It was an evening long awaited for many and Greater Fairbanks Racing Association President Monte Pearson was excited to have it all back.

“We’re excited,” he said. “We’ve got a great crowd tonight, the weather’s beautiful...It’s going to be a fun night. It’s grassroots racing at it’s finest.”

There were four races Friday night with plenty of exciting results. The Sportsman Championship saw Branden Anders take home first place with a total time of 3:37.161 and a best lap speed of 18.912 on lap number seven out of 10. Phil Wood finished second with a total time of 3:51.365 and a best lap speed of 18.912.

In the Modified Championships, it was Pearson himself that took home the first place trophy as he finished with a time of 3:36.184 and a best lap time of 16.818. 

Chris Strickland took second place in that competition with total lap time of 3:44.158 and a best lap time of 18.189. Both Pearson and Strickland raced 11 laps while Steve Martin raced just five, placing him in third.

The Dollar Stock Championship was initially a five car race before Brittany Fey had to pull out with three laps to go. Robert Newhard also had to back out early with just one lap left. 

James R took third place in the race with a total time of 5:58.721, Rodney May finished in second at 5:42.330, and Dylan Wingard was the top racer with a total time of 5:38.383. Newhard had the best individual lap time at 21.290 on lap seven. The race was 15 laps in total.

All five cars managed to finish the Modified-Mini Race with Dave Parsons taking first place at 5:39.881. Peyton Snidden took second at 5:47.975, Wayne Shaw was the third place finisher at 5:49.784, Steven Hunter took fourth at 5:52.099, and River May was the fifth place finisher at 6:00.222.

Racing will continue at Mitchell Raceway throughout the summer. The next race will be this Friday at 7 p.m..

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