Torture test

Curtis Henry (left) and Will Bowman were the top men’s team in Saturday’s Two-Way Torture Test. 

They call their team “The Boomerang Splits” for three reasons: the course is around and back, like a boomerang; the runners are split as they go their separate ways to the finish line; and, of course, runners are obsessed with their splits.

That three-way motivation helped Will Bowman and Curtis Henry emerge on top at the Two-Way Torture Test, a dual 13.1-mile effort back to its historic full strength at Chena Pump House Restaurant in Fairbanks on Saturday morning.

Bowman, a media and video production specialist, finished the loop going clockwise in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 33 seconds. Henry, a facilities mechanical engineer, completed the counter-clockwise in 1:26.46.

“He has to drop down that hill (on Chena Ridge) whic kills your legs, and then it rolls along the hills,” Bowman offered for his partner.

“He’s still faster than me,” Henry surmised.

So what happens at the point where the runners pass each other?

“I think it was a quick wave and a snarky comment like, ‘I’m faster than you,” Bowman said.

Had Kenny Brewer taken that same approach in passing his partner, marital discord would have occurred. The pair on the course and couple in life were the top coed team.

“I checked for cars — front and back — and swerved across the road to say good job,” Kenny Brewer, a former University of Alaska Fairbanks cross country and skiing standout said.

“It was pretty motivating to see him,” said Kira Brewer, a West Valley High School and UAF alumna. “And now we have a (Chena Pump House Restaurant) gift certificate for date night.”

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