North Pole West Valley Flag Football

North Pole’s Tiahana Guzman (40) runs with the ball as West Valley’s Mariana Low (28) goes to cut her off on Wednesday at North Pole High School. Hart Pisani/News-Miner

Over the past few years, flag football has continued to grow and grow around Alaska. Now, the biggest football league in the entire world is taking notice.

Yes, THAT football league.

The NFL associate NFLFlag has given approval for a new league right here in Alaska. Jamie Schliebe-Darby made the initial request to NFLFlag for approval, and the league has approved funding.

Few details exist at the moment. The specifics of how many teams there will be or who will play or when or where is all TBD. What is known, however, is that the NFL has approved a flag team in the great north.

The sport has grown by virtue of the outstanding high school teams we have here in the Interior and in Anchorage. Former North Pole standout Dakota Darby currently wrestles and plays flag football at the collegiate level. West Valley won the conference last season and has a multitude of potential college players. Lathrop and Hutchison had a host of talented players as well.

The league is coming up quick. Tryouts will likely be held in the next month or two. Jamie and Jeff Darby will be the ones to contact for more information. Advertisements should be expected soon.

West Valley was the interior conference champion last season

Contact sports editor Hart Pisani at or 459-7530.

Contact sports editor Hart Pisani at or 459-7530.

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