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How to lose graciously

To the editor: People who run for public office and lose should concede to the winner or lose the privilege of running for public office again in their lifetime.

Running for public office is a privilege that should be reserved for those who are committed to abide by the results of the election process. I am tired of whiners and sore losers, and I am disgusted by how much media attention they get. Reforming the election process should include a provision that would exclude those who refuse to concede their defeat after they have exhausted all of their legal and constitutional challenges to the election results. Done deal. You lost, now get off the stage. This reform would have the added bonus of taking the media spotlight away from the loser who will not concede. Those who are unwilling or emotionally unable to graciously concede their defeat would be barred from running for public office again, which would make them a political non-entity, and therefore uninteresting to the media.


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