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A premonition of the future

To the editor: On Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, my husband and I were traveling the Alcan highway between Northway and Fairbanks. The weather was clear and sunny; visibility was excellent. In the hills east of Tok, we encountered clouds of airborne snow particles and realized we were following a large vehicle. Not being able to see it, we slowed our speed to 20 mph or more below the highway speed limit of 65 mph. After several miles of adjusting speed as “snow-fog” patches waxed and waned we glimpsed a plow truck, scraping minimal snow cover and pushing it into snow banks about a foot in height in this low snow year. It slowed and moved right to allow vehicles to pass, but the curvy highway in this hilly area (formerly signed 55 mph) made it impossible to safely pass, so we resumed following until a long straightaway allowed enough visibility to ease past the plow.

During this episode, we took video of a car in front of us disappearing and reappearing in the large billows of snow; this can be found in the menu bar under “News” at the website.


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