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Mining and the fusion break even point

According to the Department of Energy, a successful experiment in nuclear fusion energy recently took place; nuclear fusion is the clean nuclear energy that the sun creates, not the conventional radioactive energy of nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion would have a relatively large fueling source: ocean water.

The success was that more energy was created by the fusion reaction than the energy it took to get the reaction going, a so-called break even point. While this is good news in the more than half-century of research into fusion energy, it may not be quite as break-even as you would expect.

Doug Reynolds, Ph.D., is an energy economist who has lived and worked in Fairbanks, Alaska, and has studied Alaska’s and the world’s oil, gas and energy industries for over 25 years. His latest book, “Energy Odyssey: The Hubbert Trojan Horse Scenario,” explains much of our energy dilemmas. He can be contacted at


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