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A change to the judicial selection process is a risky endeavor

What makes a good judge? It is a person able to apply the law impartially without regard to politics. A good judge is an experienced and smart person with the ability to learn, to be fair, just, compassionate, free from prejudice and bias, and respectful of all.

States use one of four methods to select their judges. They are: 1) Merit selection involving a nominating committee. 2) Partisan election, applicants running with party affiliation. 3) Nonpartisan election, applicants running with without party affiliation. 4) Appointment by the Governor. Several states use a hybrid method which combines merit selection and election. Appellant court judges selected on merit; general court judges elected.

Gayle Garrigues is a lifetime resident of Alaska, since 1981 has practiced law across the state, and has lived in Fairbanks since 1987.


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