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Opinion: Cal Thomas

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the kind of optimism contained in Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-SC) announcement of a presidential run.

Golden Heart Tales

On Sunday, my wife Gosia and I went to the Lee F. Salisbury Theatre to catch “Fiddler on the Roof.” We purchased our tickets way back when, and that was a good thing. As the show entered its final weekend, the website for the Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre warned that all advance tickets were…

Opinion: Jay Ambrose

Journalism used to be about getting the truth out there, but recently we were told it shouldn’t happen if Americans could be swayed the wrong way by seeing and hearing it. Bunches of journalists themselves were upset by a live, CNN, 70-minute, New Hampshire town hall session in which a skill…

Opinion: Nicholas Goldberg

Most Americans don’t know which countries the United States fought against in World War II or when the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Good luck having them point to Ukraine on a map, much less Belarus. Watch them stare blankly if you ask who represents them in the state legislature or what …

Once upon a time, a baseball game took its own sweet time from start to finish. A pitcher dawdled with a resin bag on the mound. A batter called time two-three times in a single at-bat before digging cleats just right into the dirt at home plate. A manager might come out to the mound to disc…

Opinion: Cal Thomas

The crowning of Charles III as king of England and the shrinking realm of the United Kingdom was not the only coronation taking place in the world.

Golden Heart Tales

No words of condolence can sooth the loss felt by the families and friends of the three soldiers who died in a helicopter crash on April 27.

Expanded electric car subsidies were supposed to be a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s signature climate law, accelerating emissions reductions by allowing buyers to claim generous tax credits and save thousands of dollars on a plug-in vehicle.

Opinion: Lisa Jarvis

A Texas federal judge’s ruling to remove the 23-year-old drug mifepristone from the market not only threatens abortion access in the U.S. — it’s also an appalling sideswipe at the Food and Drug Administration’s authority and expertise.

Opinion: Jay Ambrose

Listen, I don’t want to sound authoritarian, but I hereby announce that the coming week is “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Week” and that everyone 16 or older is required to sing its lyrics in public at least once a day. After all, the oomph of this delightful ditty has been making millions feel bubbly f…

Opinion: Victor Davis Hanson

When Constantinople finally fell to the Ottomans on Tuesday, May 29, 1453, the Byzantine Empire and its capital had up to that point survived for 1,000 years beyond the fall of the Western Empire at Rome.

Opinion: Jay Ambrose

It is a time of Russia indulging in nuke talk, yanking people out of prisons to replace the dead soldiers in Ukrainian battlefields and China saying it just might hand Russia more fighting tools. While Ukraine was simultaneously losing some land it had won, there were also some positives, no…

The road to sourdough from cheechako received another setback Thursday. My snowplow guy had not yet cleaned my driveway, but somehow, I made my little Jeep barrel over ice and deep snow right up to the garage door.

Golden Heart Tales

One death of an abused child is too many. To think the death of many abused children might save the state money is just plain wrong.

Golden Heart Tales

We all should be appalled that health officials worry polio, measles, mumps and so on might make a comeback in Alaska because vaccination percentages have dropped so low.

Golden Heart Tales

Like all of you, I finished tons of art projects while in grade school. After we finished, my fellow students decorated the classroom walls with their masterpieces. Unfortunately, the teacher always said, “You can take yours home.” I figured the nuns believed I lived in a house with bare wal…

Opinion: Rich Lowry

It’s best never to take White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s word for anything, but we can presumably believe her when she says that the flying objects shot down by the United States in recent days aren’t from an alien civilization.

Opinion: Tyler Cowen

About 100 million people used ChatGPT in the month of January, according to one estimate, which would be the fastest-growing user base ever. Yet I often speak to people who are less than impressed with ChatGPT, citing its mistakes and banalities, and they suggest it is a passing fad.

Opinion: Martin Schram

Two big blips of downright infuriating news flashed across our news screens last week. But both vanished quickly, swamped by the next gush of made-for-TV stories.

Opinion: Gene Collier

William Barr took another spin through the news cycle last week, and though it wasn’t anywhere near as uplifting as his star turn before the Jan. 6 committee, you can be sure he came out wearing the identical self-assured smirk he’s long since perfected.

Opinion: Jonathan Bernstein

The one part of Speaker Vote Week that received rave reviews was C-SPAN’s wall-to-wall coverage, with cameras showing live scenes of lawmakers interacting on the House floor. Normally, when the House is in session it controls the cameras that feed into C-SPAN and other news outlets. But with…

What makes Sunday’s violence and destruction in Brasilia so deeply shocking is that we saw it here first. Instead of serving as a model of democracy, the United States has given the world lessons in denying election results and stoking popular disappointment into nihilistic rage.

Opinion: Cal Thomas

The new slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives lacks something besides its slim majority and the battle over leadership positions. It lacks intellectual depth.

The most sensational recommendation that came Monday from the Jan. 6 committee is that Donald Trump be prosecuted for inciting insurrection. But the most perfect, in terms of what we have seen with our own eyes, is that Trump face justice for conspiring to defraud the United States.

WASHINGTON — Elon Musk is conducting a lot of interesting experiments with Twitter — can you run a major tech company with less than a third of its former staff? Follow @TwitterSupport to find out! But by far the most fascinating are his fitful moves toward transparency in moderation.

Opinion: Rich Lowry

In the mid-1990s, Cyberdyne Systems Corporation created an artificial intelligence-based defense system called Skynet. When the system achieved self-awareness on August 29, 1997, it decided that humanity was the enemy and precipitated a devastating nuclear war.

Opinion: Parmy Olson

A social network, privately run by a billionaire free-speech advocate, on a shoestring budget, hosting politicians with millions of followers, and with very loose content rules.

Opinion: Cal Thomas

We now know at least one of the priorities of the Biden administration during the remaining weeks Democrats control the House of Representatives.

Opinion: Noah Feldman

You might think that you’ve seen this movie before but there’s little reason to think this will be a repeat of the Robert Mueller investigation that declined to bring charges against Trump.

Opinion: Martin Schram

Someday, history’s chroniclers will label this November as the month when America’s political elites and also America’s just plain people of the left, center and right suddenly began trying to see beyond the horizon — urgently hoping to discover their next generation of leaders.


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