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Sulfolane, a man-made chemical compound, was detected in drinking water wells in areas near the North Pole Refinery back in 2009. Sulfolane is used in gasoline production and petroleum refining.

Ever wondered what Thanksgiving cost in Alaska? Here is our grocery trip to North Pole Alaska Safeway to prepare for the holiday. Let us know in the comments how your grocery prices compare.

North Pole Sports

Caden Wyman batted last for North Pole against the Lathrop Malemutes in Thursday afternoon’s first-round game of the Mid Alaska Conference Baseball Tournament.

The Best Exes duo of Chris Carr and Travis Nalbert combined Saturday to win overall in the Two-Way Torture Test race.

Griffen Roder said leaning his chest across the finish line wasn’t part of his practices this season for the Lathrop High School track and field team.

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