Gerald Heikes

Gerald Heikes

Republican official write-in


Q: The federal deficit has increased each year since 2016, according to government data, after declining from the high in response to the 2008-09 Great Recession. The government last had a surplus in 2001. Beginning in 2016, increases in spending on Social Security, health care, and interest on the federal debt have outpaced the growth of federal revenue, according to the government’s tracking website. What do you propose for reducing the deficit?

A: To keep it simple. Start by eliminating every program and/or government subsidies to other countries (foreign aid). No more giving money to people that that hate the U.S. and don’t appreciate what is given. Retrieve the military from foreign countries. Eliminate all funding to nonprofits, especially abortion agencies like Planned Parenthood. Eliminate government agencies such as the EPA and the Department of Energy. The government useless list goes on and on. Charge the cost of the China virus to the debt we owe China through former sellouts by U.S. congressman and presidents

Q: Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with President Trump’s COVID-19 response? Explain

A: The response from Mr. Trump was over the top. The economy never should have been shut down. The fear protocols we have now in place have given way to tyranny by Democrat governors and mayors and fear-mongers. But this is a well-known tactic, used by those who would overthrow American liberty not only from within but other foreign entities. We are now restricted in our liberties and freedoms. It’s the New World Order.

Q: Explain your view on climate change. Is it a problem and what, if anything, should Congress do to address the issue?

A: Congress to fix something that is not broken but merely following the natural order of the planet’s existence — 13.3 billion years old, seven known ice ages. Congress can’t even balance the budget and care for their constituents and honor the foundation of our Constitution. Good luck with all of that.

Q: President Trump has made clear he wants to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act. Do you support DACA or do you share President Trump’s desire to eliminate the “Dreamers” program? Explain. 

A: Another idiot Democrat idea, and the moronic Republicans who follow along to show themselves inclusive in such love for those who have come here illegally. Send them to their home countries and let them love their flag and fix their own nation and stop polluting ours.

Q: The Supreme Court recently ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s protections against sex discrimination in the workplace protects LGBTQ individuals against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Do you agree with this ruling? Explain.

A: This ruling is another door for unending lawsuits and discrimination against employers and companies who want to hire those that would be best for their own business interests. It’s a great fix for lawyers and making sure they have someone to sue for their pocketbooks, because someone, who was not qualified got their feelings hurt and want to be paid for their suffering. What a joke.

Q: In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the end of May, large-scale reforms in law enforcement and policing are being called for across the country. What changes, if any, would you like to see? Does Congress have a role in the subject?

A: What I have watched in the wake Mr. Floyd’s death is a tragedy. The ones who perpetrated the crime were in the control of a Democrat governor and mayor. All I have seen in the year prior was police being abused. What happened to Mr. Floyd was murder. And the ones who committed the act should be punished accordingly. But to set buildings on fire and take over streets and buildings is anarchy

Q: Nearly one-third of the Interior rural communities represented by Tanana Chiefs Conference have no running water village-wide. This is the case for many rural villages across the state. What steps would you take to improve village sanitation?  

A: To my knowledge there are Native corporations with billions of dollars at their disposal. They are in charge of millions of acres of land and responsible for the welfare of their people. I would suggest Congress has delegated the authority to tribal leaders and the elected officials of the Native people. Don’t look to Congress. It is a responsibility of the Native corporations.

 Q: While drilling projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska are moving forward, Alaska is seeing a drop in oil company activity in the state. What, if anything, should Congress do to incentivize oil development in Alaska?

A: Why does everyone think it’s the job of Congress to fix the flaws in and give money to incentivize anything. In a free economy, the markets dictate the production of oil. What Congress should do is stop taxing the hell out of the oil industry. Stop regulating every iota of production. As if those in Congress know anything at all about oil production.

Q: Alaska faces some of the worst rates of sexual assault and domestic violence in the country, particularly in the state’s Indigenous population. What, if anything, should Congress do to address the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and missing and murdered Indigenous women? 

A: The laws that are in place are obsolete. They are there to protect the offender, not be a guard against the innocent and helpless. Congress should put in place immediate death penalty for the victim’s perpetrator. No life sentences, no 20 years of jail before execution. Three days after the conviction, the execution. But this would apply to those that murder said women. In fact, this should apply to all those who commit murder.

Q: Do you support the Affordable Care Act or do you think the program should be repealed? If you support repealing it, what, if anything, should replace it?

A: Another Democrat fallacy to gain control over the American population. Hitler did it in Germany in the 1930s. This is a ploy. First came mandatory abortion to those not of pure German descent. Then forced euthanasia to those mentally incompetent. Then death camps for those who didn’t subscribe to the National party or held a different viewpoint from the party. Free thinking was not allowed. Sound like today’s college campus?

 Q: The percentage of Alaska’s total population that is age 65 and older is increasing. The Social Security trust fund is projected to be depleted in 2035 because the cost of providing benefits has been exceeding income. Without any change, the depletion would lead to a reduction in benefits to match the income. What is your suggested solution, if any?

A: Social Security would be secure if the national debt was retired.

Q: The University of Alaska has one of the smallest federal land grants among public universities in the 50 states. For a variety of reasons it has never received all of the land it is supposed to have received, thereby limiting the amount of money it can raise through land ownership. Several attempts in Congress to provide additional land have failed since the mid-1990s. What will you do about this?

A: Everyone thinks more money or land will fix the education problem. The problem is what is being taught as education. It is more like indoctrination. Because what I see as the educated college graduate is an avowed Marxist who think they have the answer by eliminating free thought and expression. I will always think for myself. Perhaps that is what is lacking in today’s education and of course God and his value system.

Q: More Russian military activity near Alaska Air Defense Zones and U.S. waters has recently been reported than is typical. Does this concern you? What, if anything, should the U.S. do in response? Explain.

A: War is inevitable, only a fool or the blind would think different. America would like to have nothing but peace on earth, but unfortunately there is always someone who wants to rule all. These are pinpricks to see our response time and coordination of assets. You now see our streets filled with those who kill, maim threaten through violence to enslave the American people to socialism.

Q: Would you support the free distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine to all U.S. residents? How would this be paid for? Explain.

A: No, I don’t believe that a vaccine will be a cure-all for this pandemic. My research has led me to believe Dr. Fauci is a fraud and a con man for the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates, there would also be a tracking device inside the vaccine itself. This is a big con job to place fear among the American people to make them more compliant to the state. And it has worked wouldn't you say?

Q: In what ways, if any, should the country decrease reliance on oil and gas in favor of more renewable sources of energy? Explain.

A: As a matter of the way things are, we need the fuels processed the way they are to continue as a nation. If you like your clothes, houses, TVs frozen pizza’s, PCs, laptops, smartphones, cars, heat in the winter and cool in the summers, and thousands of different comforts that rely on oil not only to manufacture, but grow the food, raise the livestock to consume.

Q: The Trump administration recently announced a plan to open the full 1.65 million-acre coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas leasing, sparking a series of lawsuits from environmental protection groups and the Gwich’in Nation over alleged violations of Indigenous land rights. Do you feel the Gwich’in people should have been directly consulted by the Bureau of Land Management on this issue? Explain.

A: The Gwich’in Nation should be in negotiations for lower fuel prices or sewage systems. The time I was in Kaktovik, they were still on the honey-bucket system. No real running water. They should be vying for upgrades for their villages rather than listening to fools who still want them to live in the Stone Age, who live in places where the lawyers and lawsuit mongers, environmental puritans would not even consider living.