I Voted

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner sent a list of questions to candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Interior seats in the Alaska Legislature.

Candidates were allowed up to 100 words to respond to the first question and up 70 words to respond to each subsequent question.

Some of the questions and answers in this section appeared in the News-Miner's voter guide for the August primary election. Candidates who advanced to the general election from primary were sent some additional questions, which are included in this general election voter guide.

Candidates running as unaffiliated and who bypassed the August primary to go directly to the general election and who were therefore not include in our August guide were subsequently sent the full set of survey questions from the August primary and the additional questions.

In the U.S. Senate race, Alaskan Independence Party candidate John Wayne Howe and unaffiliated candidate Sidney Hill did not respond to the News-Miner survey. Unaffiliated U.S. Senate candidate Karen Nanouk filed her letter of intent with the Division of Elections on Oct. 21, too late to be included in our survey of candidates.

For state Senate District B, candidate Evan Eads is not included although his name will appear on the ballot. Eads withdrew from the race Oct. 16, well after the Aug. 31 Division of Elections deadline for a candidate to withdraw and not appear on the general election ballot.

For House District 6, candidate Deborah Riley provided no contact information to the Division of Elections and was therefore unreachable for inclusion in our survey of candidates.

You can find an abbreviated candidate survey, and other information, in our general election voter guide published Sunday, Oct. 25.

—Rod Boyce, editor