OTS24 CherieBowman

“Focus on the services that the state needs, especially in regards to underserved portions of the population.” Cherie Bowman, student

OTS24 ConorBolz

“I’d like them to look more to expanding funding. I’d like for them to look more at helping the university — not just the university but the students who go here.” Conor Bolz, student

OTS24 KarenDoherty

“My advice, short and sweet, is vote for our future. Vote for our grandkids.” Karen Doherty, instructor

OTS24 LesterCook

"Just do the right thing. No drilling in places that shouldn’t be drilled. Take care of our environment. That’s the important thing. We live here.” Lester Cook, baker

OTS24 LoisHein

“Examine partisan motives.” Lois Hein, student