Sept. 4, 2011 — Demand for wedding flowers is helping a budding industry to sprout in Alaska. Peonies blossom later in Alaska than elsewhere.

So when big competing growers are past their seasons, Alaska can meet the demand.


Sept. 4, 1996 — The Alaska Gold Kings could play half their season’s games at the Carlson Center in a move backers say would be good for the borough, good for the Kings and good for other skaters jockeying for coveted ice time.

John Rosie, president of the Fairbanks professional hockey team, said the proposal is a matter of survival for the Kings, who turned pro last year. The team currently holds its home games at the Big Dipper Ice Arena, which has fewer seats than the Carlson Center.


Sept. 4, 1971 — JUNEAU — Authorities say that an Alaska Airlines jetliner carrying 100 passengers and a crew of seven is missing and presumed down on a flight from Yakutat to Juneau.

In Juneau, a spokesman for the USAF Rescue Coordination Center says in his words, “It is missing and presumed down because of the lack of communication from the aircraft and the certainty of fuel exhaustion.”


Sept. 4, 1946 — SEATTLE — Fifteen hundred seamen walked off approximately 50 ships at Puget Sound ports today at start of an all-coast maritime strike.

Shipping lines rushed to remove perishables from ships as the striking seamen, members of the Sailors Union of the Pacific and the Seafarers’ International Union, AFL-affiliates, announced plans to picket the entire waterfront at 7 a.m. tomorrow.