October 11, 2011 — A recent inspection report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture faulted staff at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Large Animal Research Station in the deaths of 12 musk oxen last year.

In response, a national research watchdog organization from Ohio is asking the USDA to conduct a full investigation and levy a major fine against the school. A university spokeswoman, meanwhile, said changes have been made to address the problems raised by the USDA and the remaining musk ox herd is healthy.


October 11, 1996 — ANCHORAGE — When the Fort Knox gold mine near Fairbanks opens next month, the Alaska Railroad will begin shipping potentially deadly containers of cyanide through Anchorage and along the Railbelt.

The shipments, expected every 10 days or so, won’t pose a danger unless the bricks of cyanide come in contact with water or other liquids, experts told public safety officials at a meeting this week.


October 11, 1971 — Alaska will have its pipeline by 1974, the land claims will be settled soon, and Ethel Kennedy will marry a doctor.

These are a few of the predictions made Saturday night by Jeane Dixon, author, columnist, astrologer, and prophet.


October 11, 1946 — Statehood dropped behind by 25 votes in the Fourth Division today as eight more precincts reported returns from Tuesday’s election.

The running totals for the 27 precincts heard from to date also put Oscar Olson ahead slightly in his hot race for Fourth Division votes for Treasurer. Although well ahead in other divisions, Olson had been behind Republican Cash Cole until today in the Fourth Divisions.

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