November 25, 2011 — Three Occupy Fairbanks protesters were going to have Meals Ready to Eat and M&M’s for their Thanksgiving dinner, but other supporters arrived with fudge and a plate of Thanksgiving food Thursday afternoon.

Since mid-September the group has been camping out at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, or more recently Veterans Memorial Park on Cushman Street. The group is a local offshoot of the national Occupy Wall Street movement that is protesting income inequality and bank bailouts, among other causes.


November 25, 1996 — ANCHORAGE— Two Shishmaref seal hunters who became stranded when an ice floe ripped the engine off their boat late Saturday were plucked from the icy waters of the Bering Strait in a daring, nighttime rescue by a helicopter crew from the Alaska Army National Guard.

Dennis Sinnok, 28, and his cousin Ralph Sinnok, 22, had set out in their 20-foot wooden boat at about 10 a.m. Saturday. They lost the boat’s motor about three hours later.


November 25, 1971 — The News-Miner did not publish on this date, here is an item from November 26, 1971 — Alaskaland’s grim financial future looks a little brighter, according to Fairbanks Mayor Julian C. Rice.

Rice recently returned from Juneau where he consulted with Gov. William Egan and other high state officials about Alaskaland’s money troubles. According to the mayor, some ideas were developed, and “it is safe to say the governor and I have agreed on a concept” of better maintaining of Alaskaland.


November 25, 1946 — INTERLAKEN, Switzerland — Twelve Americans who survived five days on an Alpine glacier 12,000 feet above sea level were safe on a United States Army hospital train en route to Vienna today, rescued from their plight by the same route they go into it—through the air.

Swiss Army officers in two sky-equipped, three-place Fieseler Sterch planes brought them and their baggage out yesterday in nine shuttle flights over the 10 miles between the airport at Meiringen, some 15 miles east of Interlaken, and their snowy perch on Gauli Glacier.

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