November 21, 2011 — JUNEAU — Interest in gold mining in Alaska has surged, buoyed by high gold prices and the lure of a landscape that remains relatively unexplored.

Industry leaders don’t expect a gold rush, the likes of which this still-young state hasn’t seen in nearly a century, with hordes of miners looking to make their fortune. That’s because these days making it big — finding and developing a large prospect — can take years, if not decades, and billions of dollars in investment. Even recreational enthusiasts can spend hours in backbreaking labor with nothing to show for it but some golden flints.


November 21, 1996 — SAN FRANCISCO — Native Alaska tribal governments may have the same taxing authority and legal power as Indian tribes in the Lower 48, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

In a 3-0 decision, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a federal judge’s decision last year that a 1971 federal law had undermined tribal governments’ power to tax and regulate non-Natives.


November 21, 1971 — The News-Miner did not publish on this date, here is an item from November 22, 1971 — WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that “arbitrary” discrimination against women is unconstitutional.

Chief Justice Warren E. Burger spoke for the court as it struck down an Idaho law that gave men preference over women in administering estates.


November 21, 1946 — Four letters mailed from Fairbanks to South American cities have returned from their roundtrip test of the new air mail service south of the equator, it was learned today from Pan American Airways which carried the letters over most of the trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Derr mailed an envelope to Santiago, Chile, another to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a third to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, all on November 1. The first two were received at their destinations on November 7 and were received back in Fairbanks on Nov. 31. The letter to Rio was received there on November 6 but did not arrive here until November 14.

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