Nov. 20, 2011 — As Fred Meyer approaches the busiest shopping season of the year, a construction dispute has derailed a partly completed expansion project at its West Fairbanks store.

The Portland, Ore.-based company fired the general contractor in charge of the lingering project nearly a month ago, claiming Datum Construction Management was guilty of “contract violations and missing major milestones.” Fred Meyer hoped to hold its grand opening for the renovated store on Nov. 11, company spokeswoman Melinda Merrill said, but currently has no completion date in sight.


Nov. 20, 1996 — WASHINGTON — A new study suggests young cigarette smokers are quicker to learn and to remember than nonsmokers, but researchers warned that the small advantage doesn’t outweigh the high risk of heart disease and cancer from smoking.

Jaime Pineda of the University of California, San Diego, said Tuesday that the purpose of the study was to seek ways to control nicotine addiction by finding how the compound affects the brain.


Nov. 20, 1971 — JUNEAU — The state’s credit rating would Improve as the result of large scale borrowing necessary for state ownership of the proposed trans-Alaska pipeline, according to Gov. William A. Egan.

Egan issued a six-page statement Friday in response to questions from newsmen. He said the state’s bonding capacity would improve, just as “a small company becomes a successful large company through the use of debt financing, with Its borrowing capacity greatly increased.


Nov. 20, 1946 — LONDON — The Moscow Radio reported today that a meteor which resembled “a white hot flying cannon ball” was sighted Nov. 12 by the Leningrad Arctic Institute’s polar station at Providence Bay, at the Northeast tip of Siberia across Bering Strait from Alaska.

“The meteor was observed for 22 seconds at a height of 20 to 25 degrees from the horizon,” the report said. Its trajectory was almost a straight line. It produced the impression of a white-hot flying cannon ball. Its velocity was relatively low, far below that of falling stars. The meteor was of a reddish-violet color and its huge tail was light blue.

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