Nov. 18, 2011 — An Anchorage grand jury returned new weapons charges against militia leader Schaeffer Cox and associate Coleman Barney Wednesday. The new 10-count indictment replaces a six-count indictment returned after Cox and Barney were arrested with three others March 10.

The new indictment does not mention any kind of illegal weapon not previously alleged, but adds a new charge against the two men for having firearms “during a crime of violence” on the day they were arrested.


Nov. 18, 1996 — SYDNEY, Australia — Russia’s new space probe to Mars failed shortly after blastoff and came crashing back into the Pacific Ocean on Monday, averting a direct hit to Australia and a remote danger of nuclear contamination.

Pieces of the probe crashed at 12:34 p.m. Australian time (4:34 p.m. Sunday in Alaska) into the Pacific Ocean, 900 miles southeast of Easter Island and 1,800 miles west of Santiago, Chile, said Alan Hodges, director general of the federal disaster coordination agency Emergency Management Australia.


Nov. 18, 1971 — Money, or more exactly, the lack of it, was the topic of Mayor Julian Rice’s regular press conference yesterday. It’s budget time and, according to Rice, hard times are ahead for the city.

There will be no salary raises for any city employee (with the possible exception of unionized MUS people) and the Alaskaland budget will probably be slashed in half. The city council his been studying the budget for the past week or so, Rice noted, and has determined there will be a shortfall in revenues next year.


Nov. 18, 1946 — SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The end of the 48-day West Coast maritime strike was set today for Wednesday morning, subject to ratification by striking sailors and longshoremen.

As unions began voting today on a tentative agreement reached yesterday. The 48-day tie-up delayed cargoes valued upward of $350,000,000.

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