Nov. 16, 2011 — Not only was militia leader Schaeffer Cox not plotting to overthrow the federal government, he reported on others who tried to instigate a conflict, according to a document filed Monday by Cox’s attorney. Cox’s attorney, Nelson Traverso, is asking the U.S. District Court in Anchorage to dismiss charges against Cox for allegedly having illegal weapons.

Monday’s filing is the most detailed account from the defense’s perspective of the events leading up to the arrest of Cox and four others on March 10. The group was previously accused in state court of making a plan to kill Alaska State Troopers and court officials. But these charges were dropped by the Alaska attorney general’s office last month because of illegally obtained evidence.


Nov. 16, 1996 — WASHINGTON — In an about face on Bosnia, President Clinton said Friday the United States will keep thousands of troops there until June 1998 in hopes that “the habits of peace can take hold” in the ethnically divided country.

The U.S. peacekeeping commitment in Bosnia was originally to end next month. Some 8,500 troops are to take part in the extended mission.


Nov. 16, 1971 — UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — Communist China in its maiden speech in the United Nations lined up against the two superpowers and demanded U.S. withdrawal from Indochina and Nationalist-held Taiwan.

Deputy Foreign Minister Chiao Kuan-hui sounded those themes in the General Assembly in a 25-minute response Monday night to welcoming speeches from the United States, the Soviet Union and 55 other countries.


Nov. 16, 1946 — SEATTLE — After much delay resulting from a dispute between the Alaska Steamship Company and the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association over the selection of ‘engineers,’ the Alaska relief ship Grommet Reefer began loading this morning. An agreement was reached yesterday by the steamship company and the union in regard to the engineers who will man the vessel.

The Grommet Reefer is taking 2,500 tons of food, medical supplies, clothing and other freight for Yakutat, Cordova, Valdez, Seldovia, Seward and Kodiak and is expected to sail Thursday.

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