June 7, 2011 — The Fairbanks City Council voted 5-1 Monday to ban additional fluoride from Fairbanks’ drinking water. Ordinance 5849, prohibiting the addition of fluoride to community water systems, was introduced by Mayor Jerry Cleworth on May 23 after recommendations made by the Fairbanks Fluoride Task Force.

The task force was created by the City Council to study the fluoridation issue and included experts in the fields of chemistry, geochemistry, microbiology, medicine and dentistry. 



June 7, 1996 — Firefighters ignited brush and trees Thursday along the last four miles of the Steese Highway into Central, trying to bum about 1,000 acres and pinch the most active portion of a 5,500- acre forest fire between hills and the roadway.

A change in wind direction heightened activity on the western edge of the Graveyard Creek fire, which had been running strongly southward since Monday. The town of Central and the resort at Circle Hot Springs were not threatened. 



June 7, 1971 — Opposing sides of the Steese Highway controversy were presented last Tuesday as residents of the outer Steese complained that one or the other plan for improving the Steese Highway would harm their property, the town of Central or their personal interests.

Highway planners have placed their bets on a widened Steese througn Central, 127 miles from Fairbanks. The town objected almost unanimously at a public hearing last Tuesday, citing what some residents called the department’s indifference to the feelings of the Central residents.



June 7, 1946 — SEATTLE — Edward Coester, business agent of the Sailors Union of the Pacific (AFL) announced members voted unanimously at a stop-work meeting today to sign no more ship’s articles until contract negotiations are definitely scheduled by employers and union representatives.

He said the Seattle branch of the SUP took this action on recommendation of Harry Lundeberg, San Francisco, head of the SUP and the Seafarers International Union, with which the SUP is allied. Coester, a vice president of the Seafarers International, said articles already signed for ship departures would be honored “to protect the men’s papers.”