July 21, 2011 — A week ago, the exterior of Courthouse Square was surrounded by empty flower boxes, rose bushes and dandelions. The building attracts many visitors on walking tours of downtown Fairbanks’ historic sights. Now, pansies, waxed begonias, geraniums, blue velvet petunias and sweet potato vines accent the ripening rose hips.

Some downtown vendors decided they couldn’t allow visitors to pass the former courthouse, become distracted by the unattended weeds and miss out on one of Fairbanks’ cornerstone monuments. 



July 21, 1996 — ANCHORAGE — City police have banned nearly all vehicle pursuits after three patrol chases in the past month ended in crashes.

A department memo issued Friday said the only type of pursuit that will be allowed is for armed, fleeing homicide suspects in “extreme life-threatening” circumstances. 



July 21, 1971 — Fairbanks Mayor Julian Rice today said his attempt to get Gov. William Egan and Anchorage Mayor George Sullivan to make a trip to San Francisco to get relief for Alaska from the longshoreman’s strike had so far not succeeded because the governor did not share his opinion of the need for the trip.

Rice said he and Sullivan had agreed that without the governor’s presence such, a meeting would not have necessary impact in a face-to-face meeting. 



July 21, 1946 — The News-Miner did not publish on this date, here is an item from July 20, 1956 — Griffin Ball Park will be the arena tonight and tomorrow for one of the biggest diamond battles that Fairbanksans have seen.

The Anchorage Moose nine will be invading the local yard at 7 o’clock tonight for the first of a three game series with the local Allies team.