July 19, 2011 — KODIAK — Kodiak Island is on the bucket list for aliens. Ufologist Diane Tessman of Iowa lists the south end of Kodiak Island as the fourth most likely place beings from another planet will visit on Earth.

The Kodiak Daily Mirror says she puts Lake Baikal in Siberia, a seaport in Turkey and the Brazilian rainforest ahead of Kodiak Island.



July 19, 1996 — JUNEAU— Midway through the summer season, tourism in Alaska is on another record pace, with a new high of 1.2 million visitors expected this year —twice the number of people who live here year-round.

Tourism agencies say the state is right on track to break last year’s record of 1.14 million tourists. Heavy cruise-ship traffic accounts for much of the increase and has helped offset declines in highway traffic in some areas. 



July 19, 1971 — In the 19 years since the first Golden Days celebration, several events have proven so popular that they have been incorporated each year into the program. Foremost among these traditional activities is the rededication of the Pedro Monument, annually held on the anniversary of Felix Pedro’s discovery of gold near Fairbanks, on July 22,1902.

This year’s ceremony is due to start at 2:00 p.m. next Thursday, at the site of Pedro’s strike, 16.5 Mile Steese Highway. The Pedro monument, erected and dedicated during the first Golden Days celebration, will be rededicated then by the Pioneers of Alaska to mark the official opening of this year’s Golden Days.



July 19, 1946 — ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An American flag flew from the summit of Mount Saint Elias yesterday to prove that a party of climbers had reached their 18,000 foot goal. Capt. Roy Holdiman of Anchorage who flew over the peak in a Tenth Rescue Squadron plane said the words “Top—Sixteenth” were traced in the snow indicating the party had reached its goal on that date.

By coincidence, the climbers had reached the summit on the anniversary of the day Vitus BerIng recorded that he first sighted the mainland of Alaska July 16, 1747. 

What he sighted was a peak later named Mount Saint Elias.