July 13, 2011 — A Yukon River Fish processing plant at Kaltag that was named one of the “greenest fisheries” in the world is closing its doors this summer.

The operator of the plant blamed a fishing time limit imposed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, a limit he believes is unnecessary because his business does not target the depleted king salmon run. However, a manager said the department had to impose the limit to protect king salmon and treat fishermen along the river equitably.



July 13, 1996 — Amax Gold’s request for the state’s help floating up to $70 million in construction bonds, making them tax free, has become ensnared in the flap over local hire at the Fort Knox mine project.

“We had questions from some of our board members about the company’s pledges to give priority to creating jobs for Alaska citizens,” said Riley Snell, executive director of the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, which tabled action this week on the Amax bond application. 



July 13, 1971 — ANCHORAGE — A 60 per cent drop in Alaska’s oil Industry employment last year resulted in loss of a $50 million payroll to the state’s economy, according to industry figures released Monday.

The slump amounted to a loss of nearly 4,000 jobs from the high of 8,409 before the 1989 North Slope oil lease sale to 3,385 last year. 



July 13, 1946 — WASHINGTON , D. C. — A highway construction and rehabilitation program, designed to open up potential agricultural districts as well as attract tourists, is being undertaken in Alaska.

While work is being pushed as rapidly as possible, Edwin G. Arnold, Director of the Interior Department’s Division of Territories and Island possessions, said today Alaska’s road system cannot be used extensively by tourists before the summer of 1947.