Feb. 22, 2011 — It’s Fairbanks’ turn to dig out.

After watching blizzards bury the Midwest and Northeast this winter, Fairbanks residents woke up Monday to a taste of what folks in the Lower 48 have been enduring.

More than a foot and a half of snow fell Sunday and Monday, filling roads, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots with more snow than has been seen from one storm in more than 25 years.

Wind gusts of 15 to 30 mph caused blowing and drifting snow that reduced visibility to zero at times, making driving — or even walking — a serious challenge.


Feb. 22, 1996 — As a city paramedic, Gary McMillin is adept at saving lives.

On Wednesday, he saved Spud.

Spud, a 10-year-old black cocker spaniel owned by 8-year-old David Wiese, was alone inside the family’s idling station wagon at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Hall Street shortly after 3 p.m. when a fire erupted under the hood, according to the Fairbanks Fire Department.

David and his mother, Joann Wiese, were inside Deaf Community Services waiting for their car to warm up when a man ran in and said a vehicle was on fire, Wiese said.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, our dog’s in the car,’” Wiese said, and she, her son and an office worker ran outside.

The car was filled with smoke and they could not see Spud, she said. Wiese opened a door, and the smoke cleared enough for them to pull out Spud. About that time, city firefighters arrived. David was sobbing over his pet, and Wiese turned to the rescue workers for help.


Feb. 22, 1971 — JUNEAU — Four state legislators introduced a package of bills in the state house today calling for construction of a state road to the North Slope and a study of the feasibility of hauling oil by truck to Valdez.

After a short morning session, the house postponed further business until afternoon to attend a joint session to receive an address by Sen. Ted Stevens.

One bill calls for the State Highway Department to contract — either by bids or through direct negotiation — for construction of a secondary highway from the Yukon River to the Arctic Ocean. A companion bill would appropriate $120 million to pay for the job.

The other measure in the package is a resolution calling for a study into the feasibility of moving oil from the North Slope to Valdez by truck and/or railroad.


Feb. 22, 1946 — The News-Miner did not print on this day. Here is an item from Feb. 21, 1946 — SEWARD — The liner Yukon, which broke in two after grounding on rocks in Johnstone Bay February 4 with the loss of 11 people, has disappeared, visitors to the scene reported.

Only bits of wreckage on the beach testify that a liner died there. The two portions of the vessel remained in sight for many days before plunging beneath the waves.