Police car design

Chief Dupee and Ryker Snow show off the car design.

A 20-year-old Fairbanksan has won the contest for creating a new police car design that shows the beauty of Alaska.

The Fairbanks Police Department invited local artists in April to pitch their ideas to beautify some police vehicles. After receiving more than 20 submissions, the officers selected the work created by 20-year-old Ryker Snow, who pictured in his mockup a mountain landscape, a dark forest line and skies lit by the Northern lights.

“I basically just took all the things I love about living in Alaska and living in the Fairbanks area,” Snow said. “I’m surprised how well it turned out; I never thought I’d be able to create something that would turn out that well.”

Snow does not have formal art training but plans to go to college this fall to study digital art.

“I was pretty sure about doing digital art before, but winning the contest really solidified this choice,” he said.

Snow explained that he saw the contest on the Fairbanks website and thought that designing a police car is a unique opportunity.

The idea behind the project was finding “a new look that reflected the beauty of Alaska” and giving “the community an opportunity to participate in the process,” according to a city news release.

Initially, the command staff — sergeants, lieutenants, captain, deputy chief and chief — narrowed 20 the submissions down to four, and all officers and admin staff in the department voted on the four finalists, city’s communications director Teal Soden said.

“It was a little difficult because there were so many themes that highlighted various beautiful aspects of Alaska and Fairbanks, but everyone really loved Ryker’s design,” Soden said.

Two Fairbanks police cars need to be repainted and will display the new design by the end of June, Soden said. The company Auto Trim Design will paint the vehicles at a price they charge the city for a regular wrap, Soden said.

The department is getting four new vehicles by the end of summer and those will have the new design as well, Soden wrote.

“All of our current vehicles that are on the road will keep the design they have now, but if they need to be redone due to damage from an accident, they would be given the new design,” she said.

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