I Voted

Early in-person voting in Alaska is drawing increased crowds this election as voters with COVID-19 in mind seek to avoid Election Day crowds. A total of 127,648 Alaskans have already voted early or absentee.

Thursday was the last day during which early votes cast will be counted on election night. As of Thursday morning, 34,039 Alaska residents had voted early.

Since Thursday morning, another nearly 4,000 Alaskans have voted early, bringing the total to 37,995. This is not counting the more than 80,000 absentee ballots that will be counted the week following the election.

With three days still remaining to vote early, Alaska has already surpassed the total number of absentee votes in 2016, and if trends continue, will quite likely surpass the number of early votes cast in 2016. That year, 39,242 Alaskans voted early and 89,653 voted absentee.

Early voting will continue until Election Day, but these later votes will now be counted along with absentee ballots beginning seven days after the election and continuing until the deadline to receive absentee ballots via mail, which is 15 days post-election.

In Fairbanks, early voting will be available Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday from 12-4 p.m. and Monday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Fairbanks Regional Division of Elections office located at 675 7th Ave., Suite A2.

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