Fairbanks Police Department

A teenage couple is in jail after they allegedly attempted to kill the girl’s mother with a crowbar on Sunday.  

Harley Morris, 18, and Ahviana Johnkins, 16, of Fairbanks, are charged with first degree conspiracy to commit murder. Johnkins will be charged as an adult, according to a news release issued by the city of Fairbanks. Morris also faces the additional count of first degree attempted murder.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Fairbanks police received a report of suspicious circumstances in the woods near the 1600 block of Crosson Avenue in Fairbanks. The caller said that she had been walking in the woods with her mother when her mother “lunged at her,” the release stated. The caller then told police she “took off running” to get away.

During the same timeframe, police received a call from an adult female who reported that she had been attacked with a crowbar while walking in the woods with her daughter. The victim told police that she believed the attacker was her daughter’s boyfriend, Harley Morris. 

The caller reported that the suspect struck her from behind and hit her “many times” with a crowbar. The suspect then attempted to strangle the victim and put her into a chokehold. During the attack, the suspect reportedly yelled, “I’m going to kill you, you can’t keep her from me,” according to the report. 

The victim was eventually able to break free but received extensive injuries to her head and face from the attack. She was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

On Monday, at approximately 4:56 p.m., Alaska State Troopers spotted a vehicle matching the suspect’s vehicle at milepost 306 of the Richardson Highway. Both Morris and Johnkins were located in the vehicle and taken to the Fairbanks Police Department for questioning. 

During questioning, Johnkins admitted that the pair had been “communicating and planning for about a week on how to kill her mother,” according to the news release. Johnkins told detectives that she did not know how Morris planned to kill her mother but had previously been told that “she just needed to get her mom to walk into the woods where he would take care of it,” according to the report. 

Johnkins also told detectives that her mother did not approve of her relationship with Morris, the news release stated. 

A records check showed that neither Morris nor Johnkins have faced previous charges.  

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