FAIRBANKS — Anchorage Police seized marijuana, cash and other items from a marijuana delivery business operating out of a Fairbanks building last week, according to one of the business owners. 

Rocky Burns is co-owner of Discreet Beliefs and Discreet Deliveries, a Wasilla-based marijuana business with a second office in Fairbanks. 

Anchorage police raided the Wasilla office on Aug. 6 and raided the Fairbanks office on Well Street on Aug. 13, Burns said in an email Thursday.

City spokeswoman Amber Courtney confirmed Fairbanks police assisted in the Well Street raid. 

Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Renee Oistead gave a short statement about the raid but declined to discuss details of the case.

“The Anchorage Police Department is conducting investigations into illegal marijuana dispensaries, and when and if any charges are filed and/or arrests are made we will release more information at that time,” Oistead said.

Although it is now legal to grow, smoke, possess and give away marijuana in Alaska, the sale of it won’t be legal until some time next year. 

Burns said Discreet Deliveries sells “marijuana accessories” packaged as “stones.”

Burns defined these stones as “high quality medical grade bags that have been processed and mechanically sealed, filled with marijuana or marijuana products.”

Burns said what he is doing is legal, citing the inclusion of the term “materials of any kind” in the portion of Alaska Statute 17 which defines a marijuana accessory.

Burns described Discreet Beliefs as a church and said, “Our church is trying to build a physical church one stone at a time.”

The Discreet Beliefs website defines its congregation as “a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices that have to do with the consumption of cannabis products in recreational and medicinal forms.” 

The website said its members support the church by purchasing empty bags which are then filled with marijuana and “given away” to that member. 

Burns said he has not been charged and feels he is being harassed.

“The Anchorage Police Department have been using an “ongoing investigation” loophole to steal from Discreet Beliefs and put Discreet Deliveries out of business since February, this is not how the police are supposed to work as far as I know,” Burns said.

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