Fairbanks Fire Department

A person was critically injured Thursday evening after they were run over and pinned down under a truck in the parking lot of Airport Way Family Restaurant, the Fairbanks Firefighters Union said in a social media post.

Approximately 10 bystanders lifted the vehicle off the pinned-down person before first responders arrived at the scene, according to the post. The Fairbanks Fire Department assisted the University Fire Department in transporting the injured person to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital because no FFD ambulances were available at the time. Two other people were treated for minor injuries at the scene, the post stated.

“No FFD ambulances were available at the time because they were committed to other calls. One was transporting a patient home from FMH, one was transporting a patient from Tanana Valley Clinic to FMH and one was decontaminating their ambulance after working a cardiac arrest,” the post read.

This week, the Fairbanks Firefighters Union has has made multiple posts on social media warning the community that emergency services may be delayed because of low staffing and an increasing number of calls.

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