Anuson Poolsawat, 31, owner of Knott’s Take Out on Badger Road, delivers Thai and American food to stranded drivers awaiting the reopening of the Clear Creek Bridge on Saturday near Salcha. Photo courtesy of Mike Laiti


FAIRBANKS — When Anuson “Knott” Poolsawat, owner of Knott’s Take Out in North Pole, makes a promise to deliver food he keeps it, even if the obstacles seem insurmountable.

Knott forded Clear Creek near Salcha Saturday evening to deliver an order of Thai and American food from his restaurant on Badger Road to Mike Laiti and Brandon Borgens. The two were stranded on the other side of the closed bridge on the Richardson Highway.

Laiti and Borgens were wrapping up a multi-day drive up the Alaska Highway on Saturday. They called in an order to Poolsawat when they were about an hour outside of town, but shortly after calling him they were stopped at the Clear Creek bridge. The highway over the bridge was closed by Department of Transportation and Public Facilities when a sinkhole appeared in the middle of the road because of heavy rainfall.

“I called him and said, ‘Hey man, I can’t make it,’ and he said, ‘Not a problem, I’ll come cross the waters,’” Laiti said. “He called me and said, ‘Should I bring a boat?’”

Poolsawat arrived a while later with several take out boxes containing Thai barbecue ribs, Thai fried rice and a “dinosaur egg,” a hardboiled egg that’s fried and covered in a sweet sesame sauce. He hiked up his shorts and waded through the creek, holding the take out up above his head. At its highest point, the water reached about up to Poolsawat’s hips.

Poolsawat was already doing the pair a favor by staying open late, Laiti said, and by offering to deliver food all the way up near Salcha in the first place.

“He’d help anybody out. He’s just a really good positive attitude, just a good guy,” Laiti said. “He’s definitely a goofball character and the food he makes is great.”

Knott’s Take Out serves a variety of Thai, American and other cuisine’s from its location at 7453 Badger Road.

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