Lowe's crash

A Lowe's delivery truck, which crashed into the Break Room pool hall on Sept. 1, 2021, is still lodged in the building, two weeks later.

A Lowe’s employee was fired Monday after posting on social media about an accident involving a company vehicle.

Eddie Crosby, of Fairbanks, had worked for Lowe’s since August 2020 and held the position of installer associate at the time he was fired earlier this week.

On Sept. 1, a Lowe’s shipping truck crashed into the Break Room pool hall on the corner of South Cushman Street and Airport Way after a car in the intersection collided with the truck. The driver of the car and the Lowe’s truck were taken to the hospital and eventually discharged, a city of Fairbanks spokesperson said.

Crosby commented on a public Facebook post on the evening of the accident and stated there were no fatalities reported.

“I commented and said, ‘No, the driver was brought into the hospital,’” he explained. Crosby added that he did not say that he was associated with the company in the post. “If you look at my Facebook page, it does not mention that I’m a Lowe’s employee. Nowhere on there does it say I was a Lowe’s employee,” he said.

Shortly after posting the Facebook comment, Crosby was contacted by the company and told to immediately stop posting on social media. “I said, yes ma’am, hung up the phone and ended up deleting the post,” he said.

Crosby returned to work and met with the store’s assistant manager and a representative from the human resources department. He apologized for the comment and provided the company with a written statement before being placed on a three-day suspension, he said.

“I asked, ‘Do I still have a job’ and she said, ‘Yes you do,’” he recalled. Three days later, the company informed Crosby that he could return to work.

On Monday, more than a week after posting the comment, Crosby was notified that he was fired after the company determined the Facebook post violated Lowe’s social media policy.

“They didn’t give me any paperwork or anything,” Crosby said. “If you’re going to terminate somebody at least give them a piece of paper with a reason why.”

Alaska is an “employment-at-will” state, meaning that an employer may terminate an employee at any time, for any reason.

The Lowe’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics social media policy states that, “Associates must avoid unauthorized disclosure or inappropriate use of Lowe’s confidential or proprietary information while using social media. As a general principle, your external social networking communications should reflect your personal point of view, and no Associate may speak for or on behalf of Lowe’s unless specifically authorized to do so.”

“If you post something bad about the company or bad on social media ... I can see that. But this case doesn’t have any of that,” Crosby said. “How they handled this in the first place, how they put me on a three-day suspension, sent me home, called me back, still said I had a job and then turned around and canned me a week later, telling me I violated a social media policy that again is a very vague policy, I don’t see how I broke the rules at all,” he said.

Crosby said he is not planning to pursue legal action against the company and hopes to find work in Fairbanks soon.

“I am not in any way looking for legal representation or legal rapport. I mean, there’s plenty of jobs out there right now, I’ll go find another one,” Crosby said.

A spokesperson for Lowe’s in Fairbanks declined to comment on the incident.

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