FAIRBANKS — The public is invited to attend a meeting between the Interior Gas Utility, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority and Siemens Corporation from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at 100 Cushman Street, Suite 501. 

Siemens will present a gas supply plan, after which members of IGU and the Interior Energy Project will evaluate the presentation and ask questions. 

“This public meeting is unique because it marks a turn toward more inclusion of the community. It will not be held in executive session,” an email invitation sent from IGU board member Patrice Lee explained. 

According to IGU General Manager Jomo Stewart, the meeting will help IGU and AIDEA get input on Siemen’s proposal, and in turn allow IGU to precisely define what they want from a gas supplier.

The goal of today’s meeting is to develop “a fair, balanced, everybody-agrees-that’s-reasonable set of criteria — by which differing proposals to satisfy those needs/wants can be compared and judged,” Stewart wrote in an email.

Siemens first approached IGU in fall 2017 expressing interest in providing gas from an undeveloped site near Houston, between Wasilla and Willow on the Parks Highway. The company proposes installing three miniature liquefied natural gas facilities, called LNGo, to tap coal-bed methane resources on Knikatnu Village Corp. land.

Siemens has given IGU’s board of directors multiple presentations regarding their proposal and have requested a development agreement with IGU. 

Among elements of the proposed plan, Siemens would build the plants — costing about $15 million each — out of pocket, provided IGU commits to purchasing gas. It’s possible Siemens would look to liquidate the assets within a few years. 

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