Arctic Cam

Light ice fog can be seen in this screen capture of the News-Miner's Arctic Cam ( about 9:10 a.m. Wednesday. The temperature was minus 37. 

Interior Alaska residents woke up to another morning of severe cold on Tuesday, which included a weather warning that's become rare in recent years: a dense ice fog advisory. 

Temperatures at Fairbanks International Airport dropped to minus 42, although a strong inversion kept the temperatures in the minus teens in the hills. Ice fog, which is composed of tiny ice crystals that form only in extremely cold temperatures (generally minus 35 or colder), has reduced visibility to less than a mile in some places. 

According to the National Weather Service advisory, ice fog is expected to thicken today and persist through noon Thursday. Some areas such as the Richardson Highway between North Pole and Fairbanks, and roads near the Chena River between the First Avenue power plant and University Avenue may have visibility of less than one quarter mile at times due to steam coming off the open water.

The high today is only expected to reach minus 37 under sunny skies, with lows dropping to minus 41. Light winds could bring wind chills of minus 65 over the next two nights. 

The extreme cold is expected to persist through the weekend, with temperatures rising to the single digits below zero by Monday with a chance of snow.