Alaska Goldpanners

Members of the Alaska Goldpanners line up for the national anthem prior to Sunday's game. 

Tonight's game between the Alaska Goldpanners and OC Riptide has been canceled due to positive Covid-19 tests within the Goldpanners organization.

Goldpanners general manager John Lohrke confirmed that Covid-19 was also the reason behind the cancellation of Monday night's game.

Lohrke said the team has involved Dr. Kathleen Kerry, one of the team's summer parents, team trainers and other medical professionals to help guide them through the issue. Due to safety protocols, the names of those who tested positive were not made public, but Lohrke did confirm the positive tests came from players. He went on to say the hope is the team will be able to continue playing Wednesday.

"We'll cancel tonight's game again because we don't have enough players," Lohrke said. "With the two (new players) that came in yesterday and another that gets in today we believe we can begin play versus the (San Diego) Waves (Wednesday) night and not risk our pitchers. When you have a few pitchers that can't pitch that puts a real strain on your pitching staff and you have to get guys in to fill and you can't risk guys' arms just because you're short. It's a lot to take on, but we have a coach from California (Anthony Ferro) who's dealt with this before."

Lohrke did say that today's game between Bercovich 35 and the Waves would still be played at 7 p.m. for those hoping to attend. Lohrke also said he's confident that the Midnight Sun Game scheduled for 10 p.m. Monday would still be played.

"We expect to be out of the woods by then," he said. "With the available players we have it'll be a short squad for a few days, but we want to get guys back on the field for our fans, for the business community, for everybody ... We want to complete as much of the schedule as possible."

The Goldpanners are currently 5-4 on the season. Should Wednesday's game be played, it's slated to start at 6:30 p.m.

"(I) apologize to the fans that we aren't able to complete the schedule that we sent out originally," Lohrke said. "We're scrambling to play as many games as possible and be respectful of the schedule. We just can't risk guys overthrowing themselves and making sure that we fill all of the positions ... as well as the medical concerns. All those factors combined have led to two cancellation, and we hope we can hold it to that."

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