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A candidate for Borough Assembly claimed at a political rally this summer that President Biden’s inaugural ceremony was recorded on a Hollywood soundstage.

Patricia Silva, candidate for Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly Seat F, has also misrepresented powers of the Borough Assembly on social media. Silva is a life coach and former campaign coordinator for U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, who is running for public office in Fairbanks for the first time.

In June, Silva was a featured speaker at a “Make America Great Again” rally in Fairbanks alongside state Sen. Lora Reinbold. In a video recently obtained by the News-Miner, Silva publicly claimed that President Biden’s inaugural ceremony was illegitimate.

“Of course we’ve heard about the Castle Rock, the studio where the Hollywood stars do a lot of their productions. If you’re not aware, they have a scene, a set, that is the White House,” Silva said. “... And inside, there are rooms that are set up like the Oval Office and such. It’s my opinion that that’s where he filmed his inauguration.”

“... We have not only the most corrupt entire team of minions, but he’s sitting at a desk, he’s at Castle Rock, I’m sure of that because it’s nowhere, it looked like a warehouse, the room he’s in,” she continued.

Silva’s claims stem from a QAnon conspiracy theory, where followers believe that President Biden’s inaugural ceremony was pre-recorded on a film set in Hollywood. QAnon is a movement that adheres to “a militant and anti-establishment ideology rooted in a quasi-apocalyptic desire to destroy the existing ‘corrupt’ world order,” according to the Global Network on Extremism and Technology.

“Me having my little thoughts and my own research and my own beliefs could keep me from getting voted as a Borough Assembly member, but I’m gonna ask you to vote for me anyway,” Silva said. “Because, if you tell me, ‘Patricia, you know what, I found truth, evidence that what you said is not correct,’ I’m going to let everyone know I was incorrect, but until you tell me that, I’m correct,” she added.

Multiple networks broadcasted the live Jan. 20 inaugural event, including Fox News, ABC, CNN and C-Span, and the ceremony was witnessed in-person at the U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. by service members, former presidents and members of the press.

Fact checking borough claims

In recent weeks, Silva has misrepresented powers of the Borough Assembly on social media.

On Sept. 25, Silva made a public Facebook post claiming that her opponent, Savannah Fletcher, “would vote to abort (kill) a baby at nine months in the womb hours before birth.” Silva also included the misleading post in the Interior Republicans Facebook group page.

According to Lanien Livingston, Fairbanks North Star Borough public information officer, “The Borough does not have anything to do with abortion. That is state and federal laws, it has nothing to do with the Borough,” she explained.

In the same Sept. 25 Facebook post, Silva said Fletcher would “vote to implement CRT (critical race theory) and BLM (Black Lives Matter) curriculums into your children’s classrooms” and “vote to implement a state sales tax.”

Livingston said that the Borough Assembly does not have power to influence school curriculum or increase state sales tax. “Fairbanks North Star Borough school district curriculum is set by the school board members,” and “State sales tax is established by the state of Alaska, not the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly,” Livingston said.

In the post, Silva included multiple claims that accurately represent the powers of the Borough Assembly. If elected, Silva said she would, “protect your tax cap,” “shrink government spending and government growth,” “put our contractors and volunteers back to work on a level playing field” and “lower taxes.” Those are all powers that fall under the scope of the borough.

When asked about her Facebook post stating that Fletcher would vote for the above-mentioned issues, Silva responded via email that Fletcher would “support” all of them. “You are correct that the borough does not have the powers to vote on these issues; however, these facts demonstrate character. As a citizen we have the right to vote on these issues. Transparency is important.”

In her emailed response, Silva said, “Fletcher supports the OBiden agenda (voted for by my opponent) ... if you dig deep into articles, social media, forums and such for Fletcher as you have for me ... you will learn these things on your own.”

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