A letter drafted by Ursa Major Distilling owner Rob Borland to the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office regarding the Alcoholic Beverage Dispensary license statute on mixing alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ingredients in the distillery tasting room along the Parks Highway in Ester Friday afternoon, September 15, 2017. Regulations proposed recently by the Alcohol Beverage Control Board would prevent breweries and distilleries from advertising to the public festivals, presentations and myriad social gatherings. 

Proposed regulation changes introduced by the Alcohol Beverage Control Board last week have gotten a mix of feedback in days since; anger and frustration from brewers and distillers; celebration from bar owners who feel their turf is being usurped by smaller tasting rooms; and most recently a harsh criticism from the commissioner of the state department responsible for Alaska’s business world.

The board released the regulation proposal in a public notice last week. Proposed changes include prohibiting breweries and distilleries from allowing festivals, games and competitions, classes, public parties, presentations, performances and other social gatherings advertised to the general public, according to a regulation draft released by the board.