NENANA — When 3,000 full sandbags are placed in a pile, the stack is 15 feet deep, 20 feet wide and 4 feet tall.

That was the result after two crews from the Alaska State Division of Forestry and some community volunteers filled sandbags in Nenana last week. The small community on the Tanana River was under a flood watch and the state sent some help. Luckily the flood didn’t happen. But thanks to these volunteers, the city is now well positioned for any future flooding.

The 20 forestry employees who worked in the A-Frame parking lot on Thursday were members of the White Mountain Fire Crew. Another, separate crew delivered sandbags to a local warehouse. They went through pile after pile of sand.

Nenana Mayor Joshua Verhagen thanked these volunteers and others who helped with preparation for what could have been a worst case scenario. Luckily this time, flooding was very minimal.

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