Companions Inc. received a heartwarming donation from an eighth-grader who recently completed the Canine Good Citizen Training program.

“Many teens are just beginning to earn money at Julian’s age and not yet thinking about giving away their money,” said Pamela Sprout of Companions Inc. “Companions is impressed with the maturity and generosity of the young man.”

Julian Brown attended Boreal Sun Charter School, from fifth through eighth grade. The eighth-grade class usually raises funds to take a class trip, but Covid-19 prevented that trip from happening this year. The school decided the fairest way to split the raised funds was to divide the money equally. So each student received $300.

Julian kept half of it to pay for a rafting trip with his grandparents and donated the other half to Companions Inc.

For his eighth-grade project, he completed the Canine Good Citizen training program with his pet dog Apricot and then made a presentation about the experience.

“Julian learned about Companions Inc. and felt this was a worthy place to donate his funds,” Sprout said.

Julian expects to become a member of Companions Inc. Currently, membership is on hold until full site visits resume.

Companions Inc. is a non-profit corporation that promotes human-animal companionship in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Community volunteers bring their pets to various locations in Fairbanks to visit residents of Denali Center, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Fairbanks Pioneers Home, the Fairbanks Senior Center and other venues.

Studies show that contact with pets can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Companions Inc. has provided this pet therapy borough-wide for more than 30 years.

Most recently, they welcomed children to Tanana Valley Clinic’s Pediatric Clinic.

Until now, all visits were prohibited due to Covid-19.

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