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This relay race is pretty crazy. You might even say it’s WACKO.

The first team member eats a banana. The second team member eats a donut. The third chomps down four dry saltine crackers. The fourth shaves a balloon with a sharp razor. The fifth gulps down a glass of lemon juice and the sixth team member runs to the finish line.

That’s how games go at the Wild and Crazy Kid Olympics, or WACKO, at Nenana School. This is the fourth year for the event which pits K-12 against one another, including the combined force of eighth graders and staff members.

They launched rubber chickens with a slingshot. They gathered in a circle and passed hula hoops from person to person while holding hands. They played dodge ball. They flipped cups. And they lined up for an intense tug of war.

Beginning as a way to get over the “winter blues” and raise school spirit, this team-building program was launched by the student council. Students kept the action moving and emceed the entire event. Volunteers kept score.

It’s important to cheer for your own team during this event. Sometimes “spirit points” can move a class into the winning column

In case you’re wondering, eighth graders and staff members were the winners, followed by the junior class. Second and third graders were tops in the elementary competition and tops in spirit.

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