To glitter or not to glitter? This is a dilemma Nick Adkins faces every year. Not that he has any influence over whether it happens. His fate is in the hands of others.

Adkins, owner of Permafrost Beards, spearheads the annual Mr and Mrs. Facejacket Competition every year. He also competes with his daughter to determine whether she will “glitterize” his beard. She raises money to earn the right to glitter his beard. He raises funds to prevent that from happening.

All that money goes to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. The food bank is an important community agency that collects and redistributes donated food to individuals and agencies. This event directly benefits the food bank.

Last year, due to Covid-19, the competition was solely online and had vast participation from all over the country. Participants raised nearly $11,000 for the food bank. This year, the contest is still online but also returns to an additional in-person competition on one night, beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 28, at the Howling Dog Saloon. This is the event’s fourth year.

“We are really excited about having an in-person competition again,” Adkins said. “Hopefully, it will be a hit and raise more money there for the food bank.”

Online, bearded entries solicit pledges and whoever raises the most pledges is declared the winner.

There’s even a Mrs. Facejacket Contest, and Alisa Carson is defending her winning title from last year. So far, she doesn’t have any online competition in her category.

You can check out entrants on the Fairbanks Community Food Bank web page. Entrants have raised $4,655 to date.

The Facejacket leaders, so far, are Ron Fowle, who has raised $715, and Alicia Carson, leading the pack with $1,515.

More than $1,725 of the total is the Glitter Beard Fund. Adkins has a lot of catching up to do to beat that amount. The anti-glitter fund only has $310 so far. It also includes pre-registration for the in-person event, which looks to be well attended with contestants.

Signup begins at 7 p.m. for the Mr./Ms. Facejacket Contest, followed by competition for best mustache, goatee, mutton chops, business Facejacket, medium Facejacket, long Facejacket, freestyle, Mrs. Facejacket and then Mr. Facejacket. Arctic Entry Band will provide live music from 9:15-10 p.m.

Go to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank web page for more information or to donate. Also see the 2021 Mr. Facejacket Beard Competition Facebook page.

Then bring your friends — bearded or not — to the Howling Dog for the annual in-person competition.

Reach columnist/community editor Kris Capps at Follow her on Twitter @FDNMKris.

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