Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than a glass of lemonade.

Brace yourself Fairbanks, because Lemonade Day is coming up soon and young entrepreneurs are ready to quench your thirst. Along the way, these young people will learn how to run a small business.

Lemonade Day officially happens on June 26, but lemonade stands can open anytime before then. The Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation is helping spearhead this statewide program by providing free materials for kids who want to give it a try. Young entrepreneurs can pick up a free bag that includes a guidebook/workbook and online resources. Included in the bag is information on how to plan for the lemonade stand financially, what to do with the funds earned and how to “brand” a lemonade stand. (And by the way, there’s also a short workbook for parents, so they can help their kids with this project)

Some youngsters are diving into this annual project wholeheartedly. At least one group has volunteered to operate their lemonade stand at the Fairbanks Community Food Bank on June 26.

Volunteer Debbie Hall is spearheading that particular lemonade stand. A retired teacher, it was like old times for her to present the program to youngsters and then watch them make it happen.

“My fourth-graders and I used to do this every year before school got out,” she said. “We would sell lemonade during lunchtimes.

“So I have come full circle.”

She met with her group of young entrepreneurs on Tuesday. They set their goals, and their hours, and decided to charge $1 per glass of lemonade. But if a customer donates $5 to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, they also get a homemade cookie.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Hall said. “They divided and conquered.”

They discussed what they would charge — even considered $10 a glass, since it is for such a good cause — but then revised that suggestion to $1 per glass.

“It was just fun to watch it take place,” she said.

The team created posters to catch the eye of thirsty customers and will be at The Clubhouse, 2216 South Cushman St. from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on June 26.

“It’s a great spot,” said Samantha Castle Kirstein of the Food Bank. “People can drive right in there and feel comfortable. The kids will be safe. I just think it’s a wonderful gift we were given to be able to hold an event like this.”

All the information for this program is available online at The Lemonade Day Alaska website at

Debbie Hall utilized the website and “just followed the yellow brick road,” Kirstein said.

Kids who participate in Lemonade Day will learn about marketing and about being an entrepreneur. This group will be doing a community service, raising money for the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. But other groups can make their own financial decisions on their own lemonade stands.

The Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation will host a Lemonade Day booth at the Midnight Sun Festival, so check there for more information.

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