PIONEER AIR MUSEUM — The Huey helicopter at the Pioneer Air Museum is like new, thanks to the airframe squad from the shop platoon of Delta Company I-52 Aviation Regiment at Fort Wainwright.

The squad replaced a broken chin bubble on the helicopter. This is the plexiglass under the pilots’ seats.

The U.S. Army loaned the Vietnam era helicopter to the museum and also provided the new chin bubble. This week, it provided the free expert labor to replace that part.

“We love this,” said Eric Backhaus, one of the airframe experts. “It’s really fun.”

Stan Halvarson, who was there on behalf of the museum, said he was overwhelmed at the squad’s volunteer effort.

“This was so much more than we expected,” he said. “I got here at one minute after nine and these guys were already here.”

The soldiers also got a chance to tour the museum themselves, with Halvarson as their expert tour guide.

Steps lead up to the Huey helicopter, and is a popular exhibit for children.

Some of the soldiers said they were excited to share news of this project with their grandfathers, who served in the Vietnam War.

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