The Fairbanks Childrens Museum and Fairbanks Native Association hosted the annual Career Day for Kids at Pioneer Park last weekend, offering introductions to bus drivers, carpenters, archaeologists, mechanics and even a journalist.

Kids who visited the Journalist booth, spun a story wheel to choose a topic and then had to tell me a story, write a story, or draw a picture that tells a story.

One young family relayed an exciting and tragic tale of their Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish. The two fish shared a tank, separate by a divider. But one fish leaped into the other fish’s territory and killed it. It was mesmerizing to hear three young excited voices telling the story.

Another young boy told me about his vacation in Mexico.

“We saw lots of sights, it was very fun, we saw my grandma.” Then he leaned in, lowered his voice, and said, “Then it got kind of sad.”

I raised an eyebrow and he whispered, “She died.”

“That is sad,” I replied.

Glancing at his mother to make sure she hadn’t heard, he straightened up and in a louder voice continued his vacation story.

There were lots of out-of-state visitors, including the boy from Georgia, who drew me a picture of the dead shark he once found on a beach.

I only wish I had had time to visit all the other “professions,” along with the 230 people who attended. Here are some of them: Archaeologist — Scott Shirar, UAF Museum of the North; U.S. Army — U.S. Army Fairbanks Recruiting Station; Bus Driver — MACS Transit;

Carpenter — Carpenters Local Union 1243; Dentist — Chang Family Dental; DJ — DJ Fifty/50; Electrician — IBEW 1547; Farmer — Rough Cut Farm, Justin Maple; Firefighter — Fairbanks Fire Department; Fitness Instructor — F & H Fitness Studio; Flight Attendant — Kim Gaustad; Journalist — Kris Capps; Librarian — Noel Wien public Library; Mechanic — Interior Alaska NAPA AutoCare Centers; Emergency Room Nurse — Valerie Schleich; Operating Engineer — Operating Engineers Local 302;Police Officer — Fairbanks Police Department; Bank Teller — Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union.

Reach columnist/community editor Kris Capps at Follow her on Twitter @FDNMKris.

Reach columnist/community editor Kris Capps at Follow her on Twitter @FDNMKris.