FAIRBANKS — The school board approved plannedparenthood.org, loveisrespect.org and tolerance.org as appropriate for use in high school sex education classes on Tuesday.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Board of Education reinstated the sites after questions came up about why they were rejected in October and what kind of message the school board was trying to send by declining them.

The sites were rejected for use only as supplemental materials in sex education classes.

“I trust our teachers, as we do in many areas, to interpret this information in a way that makes our schools more safe and more welcoming,” school board member Michael O’Brien said.

“That does not give free rein to just sample wildly. If it doesn’t match our curriculum, it can’t be brought in.”

The websites came under review last fall along with other websites, worksheets and videos used by teachers across the district to augment sex education classes.

The Legislature decided last year that supplemental sex ed materials needed extra scrutiny and directed schools districts statewide to undergo reviews.

The three sites were declined in part because school board members wanted teachers to identify specific pages that they would be using.

About 30 people testified about the websites. Testimony was fairly evenly divided with half favoring use of the websites and half calling for them to be rejected.

The Planned Parenthood website, which discusses the pleasures of sex and masturbation, was the main concern.

“I do not think it is right for our children to be taught about pleasure,” said Susan Young, a mother of four.

“Kids don’t need a green light to be promiscuous,” Shawn Lowry, also a parent, told the school board.

“My wife called it pornographic,” said Rick Solie, a former elected official on the Borough Assembly.

Other testifiers said the websites provide important information about human sexuality, relationships and tolerance.

“These sites are highly vetted nationally,” said Lisa Stayton, a former teacher.

Testifier Samantha Savage said the board’s previous rejection of the sites sent a message that tolerance is not valued here.

“I trust our teachers,” said Nicky Eisman, another testifier. “I trust them to be professionals and to wisely use this information.”

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